Acrylic Colors


■ DO NOT FIRE – Matt acrylic air drying colors.
■ Sizes: 60 ml, 500 ml.
■ Application: 1-3 coats on most porous surfaces.
■ Intermixable: Yes
■ AC201 Matt Sealer or AC205 Gloss Sealer may be used to seal the Acrylic Colors.
SP001 may be applied before color to create antique crackle effect.
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Chrysanthos Color Co. Ltd. Acrylic Colors are a premium quality acrylic paint that is available in a wide range of colors. The Acrylic Colors have been designed for use on many surfaces including bisqueware, paper, wood, plaster etc. The Acrylic Colors are also suitable for dry brushing and air brushing.

The Acrylic Colors are highly pigmented and produce a consistently smooth and streak free finish when applied with a quality brush.



Shake the Acrylic Color container vigorously to ensure contents are thoroughly mixed. Apply one or more even coats to the surface to be painted using a soft art brush, allowing coats to dry in-between. The number of coats that are applied depends on the porosity of the substrate. Generally one coat is sufficient to provide full coverage.

To seal the item, finish with a protective coat of brush on acrylic gloss or matt sealer that may be brushed on or sprayed.

Clean water may be added to the Acrylic Color if necessary to adjust for brushing or spraying.