Antique Glazes

Antique Glazes
■ Firing range: Cone 06 (999°C) to cone 04 (1,060°C)
■ 1 to 3 coats application to bisque
■ Available in 140 ml & 500 ml sizes
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Chrysanthos Antique Glazes are a range of glaze varieties aimed more at the sophisticated user. The glazes produce more striking results due to their compositions.



Generally, to obtain optimum results, 2 – 3 coats of the glazes should be applied using a fully loaded brush. Ensure each coat is dry before applying subsequent coats at right angles to each other.

With variegated glazes, different effects will result based on the thickness of the glaze on the surface of the body, ridges present in the clay body were pooling of glaze can occur, clay body used and firing temperature.



Antique Glazes are specifically formulated for application onto earthenware clay that has been bisque fired to between cone 04 (1,060oC) and cone 03 (1,101oC), then gloss fired to between cone 06 (999oC) and cone 04 (1,060oC).

Chrysanthos Antique Glazes have a broad recommended firing range between cone 06 (999oC ) and cone 04 (1,060oC).



Chrysanthos Color Co. Ltd. Antique Glazes are food safe when fired correctly.