Cafe Colors (G)


■ Cafe Color are  available as a GLOSS (G). Suffix Product Code with “G” and a SATIN.
■ Intense non toxic colors for use on earthenware bisque that may be glaze dipped
■ Satin firing range is cone 06 (999°C) to cone 04 (1,060°C)
■ Gloss firing range is cone 06 (999°C) to cone 04 (1,060°C)
■ 1 to 3 coats application to earthenware bisque
■ All colors are fully intermixable
■ Available in 60 ml, 250 ml & 500 ml sizes
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Chrysanthos Café Colors come in two versions. The standard version which are satin in appearance when left undipped and the gloss version that are glossy when left undipped. The Cafe Colors are for decoration on bisqueware that may be dipped in Clear Superior Glaze or Clear Hobby Glaze. The colors are intense and may be used for detailed design work or as a cover coat.

Whether the satin version or the glass version is used depends on whether pieces will be dipped. If it is dipped, the end result will be identical irrespective of which cafe color is used. If the piece is not dipped, then the cafe colors will be either satin or gloss in appearance depending on which are used.

The gloss version of the Cafe Colors appear the same as the dip glazed standard version. They also have the same name and product code as the standard version with a suffix of “G” on the code to distinguish it from the standard Cafe Colors.



Café Colors are applied with an appropriate sized soft-bristled brush for detailed work. If a larger area is being covered, a generous sized brush will minimise streakiness and allow a most even application. Café Colors are also suitable for sponging and stippling.

Café Colors in a single coat application are essentially transparent; however opacity may be achieved by the application of 2 or 3 generous coats, in a cross-hatch manner.

Café Colors are designed for use directly from the bottle, although they may be sprayed or sponged. Clean water may be added to achieve alternate finishes or to adjust consistency for spraying.



Café Colors within a range may be intermixed to achieve new colors. So Satin mixed with Satin and Gloss mixed with Gloss.

The Gloss Cafe Colors are specifically formulated for application onto earthenware clay that has been bisque fired to between cone 04 (1,060°C) and cone 03 (1,101°C), then gloss fired to between cone 06 (999°C) and cone 04 (1,060°C).