Ceramic Frits


■ High quality frits
■ Milled to between 200 and 250 mesh
■ Most intense colors
■ Available in 1kg, 10kg & 25kg sizes
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Chrysanthos Color Co. Ltd. Frits have been selected for being the best quality glaze frits available. Sourced from a number of different manufacturers throughout China, we test each frit to ensure each batch received meets our quality standard. We also organise independent heavy metal release tests to ensure the products fall within range of what are considered safe limits for use in glazes.

Code: FR001
Description: White Opaque Frit
COE x 10-7: 66
Soft Point °C: 750
Firing Range °C: 980 – 1,030
Code: FR002N
Description: Low Expansion Clear Frit
COE x 10-7: 70
Soft Point °C: –
Firing Range °C: 960 – 1,000
Code: FR003
Description: High Expansion Clear Frit
COE x 10-7: 112
Soft Point °C: 565
Firing Range °C: 900 – 950
Code: FR004
Description: Lead Bisilicate Frit
COE x 10-7: 79
Soft Point °C: 552
Firing Range °C: 850 – 900
Code: FR005
Description: High Boron Clear Frit
COE x 10-7: –
Soft Point °C: –
Firing Range °C: 980 – 1,080