Chrysanthos Color Wheel – The beginning..

Twelve years ago in Australia we were toying around with the idea of making projects for schools to help promote our products. The idea that we came up with was the color wheel. An area that was not done very well and is still not done well today and because we were a glaze company we were planning to use clay and glaze to make the color wheel.

That was all good and the color wheel was designed with a twist. It was going to look like an iris. The wedges were curved so that the radius of each edge was the same as the radius of the wheel.

The intention was that students would follow simple instructions that would allow them to use geometry, clay and color to construct their own color wheel.

So the instructions were prepared and we did a dry run to create the first color wheel out of clay, however rather than use our glazes we used our acrylics for the trial. Below is a picture of the first color wheel.

Colour Wheel Original


This color wheel sat on my desk while I  amended the teachers lesson plan. What happened a few days later was extraordinary and changed the direction of the project entirly. My son who was 10 at the time asked to play with the wheel and he started creating characters of different sorts.

The first thing that he made was a man and how excited he was that he had made something from these odd looking shapes.



Although the color wheel was never intended to be used for creating other objects than the color wheel, it rapidly became a major interest item for the whole family as we explored what we could do with it.

As time progressed it became quite overwhelming as to what could be done with this odd shape that we eventually dubbed a Trigeod.

What was eminently obvious was that we had in this wheel discovered something that merited being introduced to the world.

The new company that was set up in China was endowed with the color wheel logo, its focus is color however having established the business over 10 years it became time to unlock the Pandara’s box which is the color wheel.

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