Color Wheel Education

The color wheel project has been completed successfully in 3 schools. Two in Melbourne Australia and one in China. There are two more schools that will run the project shorty; one in Thailand and another in China.

Each time the project has been run, the students become engaged in the learning experience and all participate to complete their own color wheel, then learn color theory, then about about shapes and finally have the opportunity to play creatively with the color wheel.

The color wheel that students paint is made of cardboard and can be taken home at the end of the project. The same color wheel is ok to use for all apsects of the project except when 3D designs need to be made. In that case, the prepainted MDF wheels are required which will remain at the school for reuse from project to project.

The Lesson plan developed for use with the color wheel project has been designed for the International Baccalaureate program however it can be adapted to any curriculum without any modification due to its completeness.

The acrylic colors that are included in the project have been specially formulated so that when primary colors are mixed they follow color theory and produce secondary and tertiary colors correctly.

Since this is such a new project for schools, we are giving away school minikits for teachers to try before they buy in our web shop.

Feedback from schools that receive these kits is invaluable and comments are welcome here.






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