Desert Sands


■ DO NOT FIRE – Textured surface.
■ Sizes: 60 ml, 500 ml.
■ Application: 1-3 coats on most porous surfaces.
■ Intermixable: Yes
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The Chrysanthos Color Company Desert Sands are a quality textured surface acrylic paint that is suitable for use on many substrates including bisqueware, wood, plaster, card etc.



Ensure the surface to be decorated is clean. Shake or stir contents well to ensure contents are thoroughly mixed. Apply 1 or more coats using a hard flat bristle brush. One coat should be ample however 2 coats maybe applied for an enhanced effect, allowing first coat to dry. Create interesting blends and textural finishes when combining 2 different ‘Desert Sand’ colors. Add medium or water sparingly to adjust brushing. Excess water may dampen the textured surface effect.