High Fire Glazes


■ O = Opaque; S = Semi Transparent; T = Transparent.
■ Firing Range: Cone 4 (1,186°C) – Cone 6 (1,222°C)
■ Sizes: 140 ml, 500 mL, 5 lt, 10lt.
■ Application: 3 coats mid fire bisque.
■ Intermixable: Yes.
■ Also available: Powder glazes – ^ = 10 kg. Dipping glazes – * = 10 lt.
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Chrysanthos High Fire Glazes add color and gloss to ceramic ware in a single step. A large range of colors are available, they are all lead-free and depending on the color are translucent, semi-opaque or opaque in their coverage. They provide a beautiful and practical means of giving solid color coverage to broad areas or for highlighting decorative or incised ware.

High Fire Glazes are for application to bisqueware and when fired correctly will seal and protect the ceramic ware from moisture and discoloration caused by contact with food and liquids.



Three full coats required to achieve the best results. These are carefully applied at right angles to one another (ie. crosshatched), allowing each to dry in-between. A soft glazing brush should be used in order to minimise streaking. Besides brushing, High Fire Glazes may also be sponged.

High Fire Glazes are suitable for use in controlled glaze effects, for majolica techniques and are overglaze compatible.

High Fire Glazes may be sprayed and thinned with clean water if necessary to improve glaze flow.



Chrysanthos High Fire Glaze codes are suffixed by an opacity indicator “O” for opaque; “S” for Semi-Transparent and “T” for transparent.

High Fire Glazes may be intermixed.

High Fire Glazes are specifically formulated for application onto mid fire clay that has been bisque fired and then gloss fired to between cone 4 (1,186°C ) and cone 6 (1,222°C).