Metallic Colors


■ DO NOT FIRE – Self sealing metallic air drying acrylics.
■ Sizes: 60 ml, 500 ml.
■ Application: 1-3 coats on most porous surfaces.
■ Intermixable: Yes
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The Chrysanthos Color Company Metallic Colors are a quality self sealing acrylic metallic lustre paint that is suitable for use on many substrates including bisqueware, glass, paper, wood, plaster, etc.

Metallic Colors applied to glass may be baked in an oven for 30 minutes at 200°C to harden the decoration. After baking in an oven, the decorated finish is quite durable and is resistant to coming off when washed in warm water and soap. The decoration is not however abrasion resistant.

If used to decorate glassware, only areas not to come in contact with food and the rims of glasses must not be decorated.



Ensure the surface to be decorated is clean. Shake container vigorously to ensure contents are thoroughly mixed. Apply 1 or more coats using a soft art brush, allowing coats to dry in-between. The number of coats applied depends on the desired finish.

Clean water may be added if necessary to adjust for brushing or spraying.