One Shape, Many Minds, Infinite Possibilities

What a Trigeod can be

The Trigeod is an extremely versatile shape. The picture “What a Trigeod  shape can be…” highlights this fact. The important point being that since it is an organic shape, the elements it can represent look organic as well.


When used in combination, each Trigeod assumes it’s role in the design as the imagination of the person creating the design intended.


The magic number for all of the designs created with the Trigeod is twelve as there are twelve Trigeod shapes in the color wheel.


The Trigeod is so versatile, that the slogan “One Shape, Many Minds, Infinite Possibilities™” has been coined to describe it.


The picture of the Parrot demonstrates how the elements of the Trigeod can be used to design a biomorph that resembles a parrot. The Trigeod, a simple shape has the uncanny ability to represent so many object in nature and in combination create whole organisms akin to Fractal theory.


Also amazing is its origin, the simple wheel, that for eons was the facilitator of transport however only recently has this unusual property of the wheel been discovered.


In the rest of the web site we show you many more Biomorphos as well as many other fascinating designs that can be created with the Trigeod  and the Chrysanthos color wheel.


The most important ingredient however is the imagination of the user to imagine, create and learn!