Children Play & Learn

Listening attentively,students prepare to learn about color using the Chrysanthos Trigeod Color Wheel

Painting starts with the primary colors using Chrysanthos' intense acrylic paints

Students are shown how to weigh or measure by eye to achieve the secondary and tertiary colors

The first of our secondary colors is created

Progress on the secondary colors, tertiary are next

Painting the shapes can be a real challenge

We're upto the tertiary colors... nearly there!

Done! ... all shapes painted

Here it is... the Chrysanthos Trigeod Color Wheel painted and assembled successfully

Once the color wheel is made.. it can be used to make countless characters, designs and be used as an effective cross-curricular activity tool

A bird of sorts?... kids are amazed with what they can do

Sailing boats maybe?

Sydney Opera House??

She said it's a puppy lying down

This is what kids think about the Chrysanthos color wheel

A dancer maybe?

About This Project

The Chrysanthos Trigeod Color Wheel Puzzle is an amazing cross-curricluar product. It can be used to for color theory, numeracy, litracy, explore imaginative play and so much more. The pictures in this project are an assortment taken at various times as children play and learn using the Trigeod Color Wheel.


An unpainted version is available for children to create their own color wheel in education. A pre-painted version is available for younger children or for classroom use generally.




Color Wheel