Mural Project

Mural 2

Relief Image of mural

Mural 3

Colored image of mural showing design on each tile

Mural 4

Students working on creating relief design on tiles

Mural 5

Larger view of work area

Mural 6

Assembled mural being painted

Mural 7

Another view of assembled mural being painted

Mural 8

Close up of paint work

Mural 9

A closer look at the detail

Mural 10

Painted tiles on kiln shelf ready to be fired

Mural 11

This is the kiln used to fire all of the tiles

Mural 12

Tiles layed out on table before firing

Mural 13

Another view of the tiles to be fired

Mural 1S

A close up a section of the mural after it has been mounted

Mural 15

Full view of the mural

Mural 16

The mural is in the foyer of this government building

About This Project

Chrysanthos Color Company Limited in collaboration with Professor He of the Guangxi Arts University were commissioned to construct this magnificent mural for the main foyer of a new government building in Nanning. Professor He, well known in China for his murals, was the architect of the design which depicts major cultural and historical attractions in the Guangxi region. The design took 6 months of planning with the government. Once the design was complete, six senior students supervised by Professor He, constructed the mural tile by tile in relief in the ceramics department of the University over a period of 3 months. Once complete the mural was transported to the government building and 3 workers under supervision of Professor He assembled the mural on the wall. Chrysanthos for the project supplied all of the colors, clay tiles and assisted with technical issues. The mural when complete was 9 m long and 2.6 m high. The mural was unveiled in May 2014 at the opening ceremony of the new government building.


Following the successful construction of this mural, Professor He has now introduced a new subject at the university for students wanting to learn this art. The subject can be taken as part of an arts degree at the Nanning Arts University and commenced in the second half of 2014.


Professor He with Chrysanthos are in the process of initiating another new government project in China which is due for completion in 2015.