Raku Glazes


■ Firing range: Cone 010 (894oC) – Cone 06 (999oC).
■ Sizes: 140 ml, 500 ml, 5 litre, 500 gm, 1 kg, 10 kg.
■ Application: 2 – 4 coats bisque or dipping.
■ Intermixable: No.
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Chrysanthos Raku Glazes are a range of glaze varieties aimed more at the sophisticated user who is looking for unpredictable and exciting effects ranging from very matt to glossy variable surface textures. These glazes produce more striking results due to their compositions, the method of firing and then reduction.


The Raku Glazes are available as a liquid or a powder. For the liquid, generally 2, 3 or 4 coats maybe applied to bisque. For dipping, glaze slurry with an SG of about 1.4 is sufficient. The number of coats applied or the length of time dipped will affect the final result as will the firing and then the eventual reduction in foreign matter like saw dust, leaves etc.

Once applied and dry, the glazed piece maybe fired in either electric or gas kiln. Once the kiln reaches temperature and is off, the kiln is open while red hot and the piece transferred to a metal container with a lid that is lined with organic material, like saw dust, leaves etc. The piece is put in to the container and the lid put on to create the reduction atmosphere.

In the metal container, flames will develop and a lot of smoke will follow. The flames will cease soon after the lid is put on the container and the piece should be allowed to rest there until it cools down.

Once cool, it can removed from the container and should be scraped with a soft metal brush to remove any excess material from the firing then washed in cold water.


The Raku Glazes have been specifically formulated for application to bisque fired clays. The Raku Glazes should be fired between cone 010 (894oC) and cone 06 (999oC).


Chrysanthos Color Co. Ltd. Raku Glazes are all lead free. However, caution should be exercised in using the Raku glazes however as they all have warning labels due to the levels of copper or other elements in high enough concentrations exceeding threshold limits to render them harmful.

When working with Raku Glazes, it is important to use personal protection like fire proof gloves, face mask and overalls.