Trigeod Color Wheel Puzzle?

Trigeod Color Wheel Puzzle?


The Trigeod Color Wheel Puzzle is unlike any other puzzle ever created. First of all, it we did not set out to create what it has now become. It was an unusual course of events that led to its discovery.

The wheel as we know it was invented in prehistoric times when it became necessary for primitive man to transport heavy objects over distance. Since its invention, the wheel (circle) has been divided up in many ways but it seems that over all this time no one has carved it up this way and started to play with the resulting shapes.

The rest is now history. Since its discovery, 12 years ago and being side lined as we didnt really understand what it was and how we could market it, it was put on the back burner. It was revived 2 years ago after a discussion with a close friend and teacher who insisted this product was fantastic and should be manufactured and marketed. Reluctantly, we revived it, manufactured it in full color and with the help of the first person to ever play with it, had packaging designed.

The total package, looks brilliant, and 2 years later, we have started to created history. This product, is starting to sell!!!! People are taking to it. Comments on social media praise the bright colors, its simple design yet illusive nature. How come something like this has been hidden for so long?

We the inventors of the Chrysanthos Trigiod Color Wheel Puzzle.. challege you to create with the most unusual of shapes. Post your designs on our web site or Instagram tagging @chrysanthoscolor. Be the first to create a new design and be acknowledged for it if we decide to use it.






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