Two young sisters get creative with the color wheel.

Two young sisters named Alyssa (12 yo) and Johanna (8 yo) from Melbourne Australia received a color wheel each for Christmas and spent many hours playing. First copying some of the existing biomorphic designs, then when they became acquainted with the unusual shape began creating some of their own biomorphic creations. They were so excited to have created designs of their own that they sent them to me to confirm that in fact they are original. The result is that they are and here they are for you to see.

AppleApple by Alyssa.

Skull Skull by Alyssa

Mermaid Mermaid by Johanna

New Girl Young girl by Johanna


Feel free to submit original biomorphic designs to if you would like us to review them and if they are original we will add them to our catalogue and acknowledge the creator. Be sure to use all 12 trigeods in the color wheel in any design that you make.


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