Washable Paint

■ DO NOT FIRE – Washable Paint.
■ Sizes: 60 ml, 500 ml.
■ Application: 1-3 coats on most porous surfaces.
■ Intermixable: Yes
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Washable Paints are a range of brightly colored non toxic paints that may be washed off clothes immediately or even days after drying. These paints have been designed specifically for young children to use in early learning years or primary school and can be used on many surfaces. Unlike other paints of a similar nature, these are brightly colored and a single coat gives excellent coverage with little streaking so that students can enjoy the experience of creating.



There are no specific requirements for use of the colors. They can be applied to sot surface and can be removed depending on the type of surface they are applied to. On clothes, they will mostly come off even after drying.