Why bother with the color wheel?

We are a color company that makes color predominantly for ceramics. However for some strange reason we have been give the task by some unknown power to get the message out there about the unusual properties of the color wheel. We call it a color wheel because that’s where it started, however in reality it is a wheel made up of 12 identical organic shapes that can be used to do amazing things. The color adds an extra dimension.

Over the 12 years that we have since the discovery of the color wheel we have had numerous people play with wooden red gum versions of the color wheel. The response to the product has been quite varied, however it was clear that there was interest.

It seems that those that are most creative seem to best appreciate what they playing with and try the hardest to create unusual objects while others tend to lose interest fairly rapidly.

What is interesting however is that when we have given the product to autistic children, the response was more than what was expected. The wheel is like a magnet to them and they can spend hours playing without appearing to get bored! when we know from their parents that this is extremely unusual behaviour, where normally they not play or spend minimal time playing with any toys.

So something is happening, now i am not a psychologist, and it would be great to get some feedback from people that deal with autistic people as to what could be happening and why.

So why bother with the color wheel? Well, its things like we experience with autistic children that have inspired us to pursue this unusual product. There are many other instances where people of all walks of life have sat there for considerable time exploring what they can do with the wheel. So we feel compelled to get this product out there in as many hands as possible. It is a marvellously beautiful and simple toy/puzzle, however what it does to a persons mind is extraordinary.


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